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1) Who are you?

We are a group of friends from Singapore who are also avid bloggers using blogspot to publish our private journals. This site started operating in June on 2006. Blog designs customisation are all based on the way we can copy and paste an entire html code on blogger templates. If you would like to use our blogskins for other online journals, you may require assistance from their users. We are sorry we have limited resources and knowledge regarding other online journals!

2) Are all the blogskins free? Is it safe to download the links provided?

Yes all our designs are free! We do not require you to pay for our service, although we may consider doing so for customised blogskins in the future. -winks- To get the html code for the blogskin you want, just click on the download button and there will be a pop up asking if you want to open or save the file. Our html code is saved as a zip file using notepad. Just copy and paste the whole chunk onto your blogger template!

3) What programe do you use to create each iBlogskins?

We use Macromedia Dreamweaver MX. After each blogskin is created, they will be viewed both in Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox to ensure design turns out as intended in both internet browsers.

4) I have emailed you several times and there was no reply from you!

Regrettably, our mailbox is constantly flooded by spam mails. Therefore sieving through the emails may require some time, and they may get deleted by accident. If possible, please make use of our tagboard to contact us. (:

5) I can't use your blogskin for my blog even though I'm using blogspot. Why is this so?

You may be using Blogger Layout instead of the Classic Template. Click revert to Classic Template at the bottom of 'Edit HTML" then copy and paste our code and you should have no problem!

6) There is something wrong with some of your blogskin links. I can't download or preview them!

If you were to encounter any errors in our blogskins, please do feedback to us so that we can made amendments asap so that other users do not face the same problem. This is especially for newly uploaded skins. Thank you for your help!

7) Hey, I see my work on your site and I'm not credited to them!

Please understand that we collect our images from everywhere on the net. If you see your work here and you want us to credit you for your work, please send us an email notifying us. Most of the time, we do a lot of editing on the images to avoid taking other's work wholesale. On rare occasions that we do, it's because we really like your work!


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